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“Everything indie theatre should be.” Lloyd Bradford Syke - Curtain Call

“…search out this gem of a hidden theatre.” Frank Hatherley - Stage Whispers

"...the Sydney version of Berlin's Tacheler" SMH

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May- July 2015


Each year the Old 505 Theatre opens its doors to emerging theatre companies and artists to test out new work, try fresh ideas and show us what they’ve got in short and sharp one week seasons. So hold on to your hat and get ready for eight productions eight weeks!

GRIM- Presented by Jetpack Theatre Collective

Dates 5-10 May

Times Tuesdaysday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $22 preview, $33 full and $22 concession


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time

Death, our old friend and bitter rival, is a looking presence in every fairy tale. But why does He insist on being the story teller? The director? The critic? The caterer? Jetpack Theatre Collective look under the hood of the Reaper to see what stories lie within."

Produced By: Steph Bennett

Created by: Jim Fishwick


Trade- An ensemble created show by Hurrah Hurrah

Dates 12-17 May

Times Tuesdaysday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


TRADE is inspired by the rogue French Trader Jerôme Kerivel who lost €5 billion in illegal futures trades. We have created a dark and hilarious foray towards redemption for five financiers forced to face their own guilt.

A highly physical and grotesque exploration of the kind of money we can only dream about.

Created by Alison Bennett, Dymphna Carew, Alison Windsor, Naomi Livingstone and Cheyne Finn.


Decay- Presented by Eclective Productions

Dates 19-24 May

Times Tuesday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


A play about loss, grief, and a dead body in a bathtub.

Based on a true story, Decay tells the story of one man coming to terms with the death of his wife, along with the unfortunate necessity of keeping her body in his apartment until the funeral.

Bleak, moving and uncomfortably funny, Decay asks how we can preserve ourselves, when the one we love is decaying before us.

Devised by Rachel Chant and Melissa Lee Speyer.


Bitch Boxer- Presented by Bull Ant Productions

Dates 26-31 May

Times Tuesday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


Chloe likes life's simple thing: cherry sambuca, hairbrush-in-the-mirror-karaoke and winding up her Dad.

London 2012. Women step into the Olympic boxing ring for the first time. Can Chloe prove she's worth the title?

An inspiring, breathtaking and critically acclaimed new play by Charlotte Josephine (UK).

With: Katherine Shearer


Godface- Presented by Matriarch Art Theatre

Dates 9-14 June

Times Tuesdays-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


In a vast desert, isolated from the rest of the universe, flashing neon, gaudy and terrifying. Pilgrims. A city rises...

Where old gods go to die, new gods launch imposing political campaigns and young aspirationals seek the top job.

Using a brash and unique rock’n’roll mix of micro and life size puppetry, GodFace is a farcical, tripped out and often philosophical story of gods, saints and heroes.  It’s a story about failed aspiration, use by dates and retirement - but it isn’t a tragedy. It’s a celebration, a festival of mortality… hosted by immortals.


Re: Memory- Presented by Suitcase Civilians

Dates 16-21 June

Times Tuesday-Sunday 7.30pm and 8.30pm sessions

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


Re: Memory is an interactive theatre performance that explores the power of recollection in a time where it’s all too easy to forget. We all relive our memories from time to time. But why – what do we gain from revisiting the past? Part one-to-one and part group encounter, Re: Memory challenges the way we share our memories, from the deeply private to the very public.

Please note this production has a maximum audience of 10 per performance.


This Is Not Mills & Boon

Dates 23-28 June

Times Tuesdaysday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


This Is Not Mills and Boon is an experimental script written for two actors to play six characters: a mother and son who write porn together; and father and daughter who are singing together for the first time; and a pair who meet and fall in love - but not without struggles. The relationship drama is contrasted by some explosively sexy excerpts from the work of real life smut author Nikki Sex.


An Hour With Kay

Dates 30 June-5 July

Times Tuesdaysday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


I arrived to Australia in 1972 by boat. Over 10,000 women arrived to Australia by boat during the early 1800’s. People arrive by boat today.  Helped along by her trusty off-siders and the audience, Kay collides form and genre creating an intimate immediate experience shared in words, movement, performance and image. Lo-fi, self-reflexive and shambolic, Kay’s solo work entwines both the tragic and humorous, warping the line between performer and audience.

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6 Nights a Week at Venue 505

Kicking off 2015 we are increasing the fun times with:

Monday nights are free entry with our Jazz Jam and Games Night. With live music and board games a plenty. It's boogie woogie with your backgammon.

Come party down for 'Old School' Tuesdays with a live funk and groove band, invited guests jamming and DJ selections of some rare grooves. And it's FREE entry!!!

Wednesdays is a great night for the very best in contemporary Jazz and World music from some seriously world class players. A feast for the senses and especially your ears.

Thursdays will feature some of the new and old faces of 'beat' music reaching into the vaults of Reggae, Afro-Beat, Funk, Jazz and more. Free entry to 505 members!

Fridays are a night to unwind for the week with a blend of some high class and fun acts that range from Swing, Gypsy, Worls, Soul, Funk and more.

Saturdays are our concert series and a perfect night to sit back and let your ears be trated to the most inspiring vocalists and instrumentalists Australia has to offer.

Love Roots, Groove, Funk and Jazz music? Tuesdays are all about it with free entry a lounge atmosphere, live funk trio and resident DJ. Check out the new cocktail menu in style and treat yourself to an early week hang. Some of Sydney’s finest muso’s will be dropping by to jam (or just prop up the bar) Cocktail hour from 6-730!

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