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August 2014


Bad Day Insurance

By Lisa Chappell



Dates 6-24 August

Times 8pm Wed - Sat, 7pm Sun

Tickets $18/$28


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Written by Lisa Chappell

Directed by Drew Fairley

Lighting Dean Joffe

With Lisa Chappell, Sarah Hytner


Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid for having a bad day? Well, in this futuristic comedy you can - just take out a policy with Bad Day Insurance and make a claim the next time your boyfriend cheats on you, under Arsehole Protection. Had a fight with your wife? Got fired? Dropped your lunch and got shat on by a swan?

Today’s payout under our Cluster Fuck Clause will be $687 because, here at Bad Day Insurance, it pays to have a bad day.


Bad Day Insurance reminds us that going through all the ups and the downs of life is what makes us human, and living is the ultimate payout because the alternative really is a Bad Day.


September 2014



The Old 505 Theatre is proud to be a Sydney Fringe Festival partnering venue! Check out our awesome line up of theatre and music. Listed in order of appearance, not awesomeness:




Kinski and I: The Banned Writings of the World's Most Depraved Movie Star

by CJ Johnson



Dates 3 - 14 September

Times Wed - Sun, 7pm


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Devised and Peformed by CJ Johnson

Directed by Michael Pigott

Soundscape by David Stalley

Videoscape by Laura Turner


“A person might think that I only lie around in bed and pass my time fucking, That’s not true…. I can’t just fuck, I have to earn money, too”

Klaus Kinski, All I Need Is Love



CJ Johnson always loved a movie star memoir, especially those that weren’t afraid of sordid details and squalid truths. But nothing prepared him for Klaus Kinski’s All I Need Is Love, in which Germany’s greatest actor not only revealed but revelled in intense, often pornographic descriptions of his lifelong sexual addiction. Kinski and I is part reading- the most heinously debauched passages from the most depraved memoir since the writings of the Marquis de Sade - and part tale of CJ’s own response to the completely unique and possibly insane actor, writer, and pervert par excellence.

Edan Lacey: A Show From Nothing



Dates 8 - 10 September

Times 9:30pm


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Devised and Peformed by Edan Lacey


Does he have a plan?
No, not really.
Come and laugh at his pain!


Jennifer Forever

By Tara Clark


Dates 17 - 28 September

Times 8pm Wed - Sat, 7pm Sun


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Directed by Tara Clark

Lighting by Liam O'Keefe

With Dominic McDonald and Gemma Scoble



GIRL: That's not a question, now is it?
MAN: The question will come, when you get here.

He's a good man; he just has bad habits. Or are they even bad to begin with? Perhaps society just has its definitions all wrong.

She doesn't like to make assumptions. She's exactly what he needs, but she can't go on being that forever.

Where exactly is the line between good and bad? And who draws those lines to begin with?

From Two Peas, the team behind the Old 505's inaugural subscription season production, We're Bastards, comes Jennifer Forever - a new play by Tara Clark and starring Dominic McDonald and Gemma Scoble.



by Justin Buchta


Dates 29 - 30 September

Times 8pm


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Devised and Performed by Justin Buchta



WouldMan is a one-man show, a contemporary fairytale [aprox-70min]. The story is comic, tragic and above all universal. It is about an actor who is up against a creative block and overcomes the highest conflict imagined! And when situated face to face with his innermost fears, his ultimate challenge moves him towards victory and love. Major themes are "the struggle" with life and with everything, loss of self, identity, conquering fear, and celebrating love. The performance employs music, acrobatics, mime, song, dance, text, puppetry and mask to celebrate a story about the universal given, that is humanity’s need for art, and mysterious need for human touch.


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6 Nights a Week at Venue 505

Kicking off 2014 we are increasing the fun times with:

Monday nights are free entry and happy hour all night for Happy Monday Games Night. With live music and board games a plenty. It's boogie woogie with your backgammon.

Come party down for 'Old School' Tuesdays with a live funk and groove band, invited guests jamming and DJ selections of some rare grooves. And it's FREE entry!!!

Wednesdays is a great night for the very best in contemporary Jazz and World music from some seriously world class players. A feast for the senses and especially your ears.

Thursdays will feature some of the new and old faces of 'beat' music reaching into the vaults of Reggae, Afro-Beat, Funk, Jazz and more. Free entry to 505 members!

Fridays are a night to unwind for the week with a blend of some high class and fun acts that range from Swing, Gypsy, Worls, Soul, Funk and more.

Saturdays are our concert series and a perfect night to sit back and let your ears be trated to the most inspiring vocalists and instrumentalists Australia has to offer.

Love Roots, Groove, Funk and Jazz music? Tuesdays are all about it with free entry a lounge atmosphere, live funk trio and resident DJ. Check out the new cocktail menu in style and treat yourself to an early week hang. Some of Sydney’s finest muso’s will be dropping by to jam (or just prop up the bar) Cocktail hour from 6-730!

Head here to check out our up-coming gigs.


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