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“Everything indie theatre should be.” Lloyd Bradford Syke - Curtain Call

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May- July 2015


Each year the Old 505 Theatre opens its doors to emerging theatre companies and artists to test out new work, try fresh ideas and show us what they’ve got in short and sharp one week seasons. So hold on to your hat and get ready for eight productions eight weeks!

An Hour With Kay


Dates 30 June-5 July

Times Tuesdaysday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


Doors: open 1/2 hour prior to performance. NO late entry.

In absentia

Latin: In absence

Someone told Kay once that they liked her solo work much better when she wasn’t in it. That really got her thinking about absence and how it is she could be both in her work and elsewhere at the same time.

Cue suspiciously similar substitute who steps in to save the day. Luckily Kay has a left a transcript of the show for the hired help to follow, or not. Expect some Kay-shaped fun, plenty of non-sequiturs, some very useful information about boats, dubious sacred sites, possibly some dancing, a visitation from a female convict, Chinese whispers, 101 things to do with a potato and everything in between.

One thing for sure AN HOUR WITH KAY will be an hour you’ll remember*.

*Wear comfortable shoes.

Edmond By David Mamet

Dates 15-26 July

Times Wednesday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


Doors: open 1/2 hour prior to performance. NO late entry.


“You are not where you belong. It is perhaps true that none of us are, but in your case this is more true than in most.”

An impulse visit to a fortune teller on his way home from work stirs Edmond to abandon his meaningless middle class existence, lurching himself into a free falling quest for self-discovery.

But the streets are dark. The hookers charge cash money, the peddlers push hard and there’s a guy on every corner working an angle. A fairy tale; a myth about modern life, Edmond is the portrait of the everyman, swept away by events beyond his control, and paying the consequences for those within it.

BY ARRANGEMENT WITH ORiGiN™ THEATRICAL, ON BEHALF OF SAMUEL FRENCH, INC., Two Peas present David Mamet's Edmond. Perhaps Mamet’s most divisive play, you will either love or hate Edmond, but you will never forget him.

Written by: David Mamet

Directed by: Glen Hamilton

With: Tara Clark, Cheyne Fynn, Naomi Livingstone and Oleg Pupovac

August 2015

The Piano Thief and Receivers

Dates 5-23 August

Times Wednesday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm

Tickets $33 full and $22 concession


Doors: open 1/2 hour prior to performance. NO late entry.


FEAT IN SPACE theatre company head up from Melbourne for this double bill of works by Australia playwright Gareth Ellis.


Receivers is a science fiction black comedy that explores the world of drug induced psychosis. It follows the journey of a idealistic farmer Hedrick, who after years at agricultural school, simply cannot make things grow. In a final attempt to save his property from ruin he stumbles into the crazy world of contemporary drug culture, and ultimately finds himself trying to understand an alien civilisation thousands of years old. Together with the hospitalised schizophrenic Hillary, Hedrick finds himself caught in unwanted dialogue with a prostitute, a General, a television repair man and an unforgiving computer.


Directed by: Amanda Flason


Short play The Piano Thief will also be performed on the night.


September 2015

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